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5 Common Questions About Silk Flowers

July 6, 2018

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7 Great Reasons Why You Should Go With The Faux

May 7, 2018

Let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? They look and smell divine. And if they weren’t so wonderful, we wouldn’t be trying to copy them in the first place, right? So why not just go with the fresh ones you ask? Well there are many reasons why you should choose artificial silk flowers for your special event. Here are my top 7 reasons why you should go with the faux!


1. Perfection, Every Time


It’s a known fact, flowers wilt. Whether it be in warm weather, hot weather or cold, as soon as flowers are cut and out of water, they are already starting to die. Not only do natural elements assist in wilting such as heat and wind but other elements such as air conditioning and heating can play a huge part in the wilting process. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most flowers will still look okay by the time you walk into the reception, but faux flowers will remain perfect for the whole day. Just spritz a little bit of your favourite perfume on the bouquet and it will smell just as amazing as real flowers!


2. The Season Reason


This is probably the most common reason why brides and grooms first contact me. Their emails usually read like this “I absolutely love peonies but my florist told me they won’t be in season” or “I must have peonies in my bouquet but my florist can’t guarantee they’ll be able to find some on the day”. If you really love a particular flower, you don’t have to compromise. Just do a little bit of research, check out the Instagram pages or Real Weddings gallery of artificial flower suppliers. There'll be many flower stems for you to choose from.


3. Don't Sneeze, Please!


Allergies are a real thing. If the bride or groom or any one member of the bridal party suffers from an allergy to flowers, it can end in disaster very quickly. Can you imagine having your beautiful makeup done, usually by a paid professional, only to find yourself with a runny nose and watery eyes before the ceremony even begins? You have paid so much money for this amazing day, the last thing you want is for you or your bridesmaids to end up with panda eyes in photos and in front of all of your guests. Artificial flowers are a great alternative without the worry of becoming a sneezing mess.


4. Not a Throwaway Bouquet


Adding to my point in reason 1, flowers start to wilt and die from the moment they are cut. Some can survive longer periods of time such as orchids, but others can start to lose their petals almost immediately. At the end of your special day, yes you can organise for them to be specially preserved in a photo frame in order to keep forever. This is a great idea but can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and you can’t stick them in a beautiful vase on your mantle or dressing table. If you go with an artificial bouquet, there are no extra costs to keep your bouquet forever and it will look beautiful sitting somewhere on display in your home.


5. Sneaky Peak


It’s not the most obvious reason, but I’m sure many of us curious creatures would love to know exactly what bouquet we’ll be holding on our wedding day. How good is it knowing how your bouquet will look before the big day? Just get your florist to show you progress pictures and if you’re not completely satisfied, you can change certain things such as include different colour stems, add more stems of a colour that you love, add more greenery, less greenery, change the ribbon around the stems, add a brooch etc. I’ve heard many stories about brides that were told they’d be getting peonies or David Austin Roses in their bouquet, only to receive their delivery on the morning of their wedding and be disappointed because the florist was unable to find those flowers on the day.


6. Destination Unlimited


Much like reason 2, if you are getting married overseas or interstate, they may only have a small variety of flowers to choose from. Certain flowers won’t grow in in tropical climates because of heat, humidity or limited hours of sunlight. But you don’t have to settle for whatever they have to offer when artificial flowers can look just as amazing! 


7. Cost Effective


Now I’m not saying that artificial flowers are always cheaper. They don’t grow in the ground so they’ve been made somewhere, then sold, perhaps wholesale with a hefty delivery or import fee. And if you are after great quality and very realistic looking stems, you may need to pay a little bit more. 


Now if you are absolutely set on having fresh flowers that are out of season, you can ask your florist if they can ship them in from elsewhere, but this will obviously come at a cost. I have spoken to brides that were quoted $10-$15 per peony stem and similar for certain popular roses. An average bridal size bouquet would contain at least 20 stems so that is already $200-$250. This doesn’t include the labour charge for the florist who, rightfully so, will be working hard at putting your bouquet together. So if you are on a limited budget or don’t want to pay a fortune for your favourite flowers, just go with the faux!

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