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At Pastel Blooms we understand that every bride wants their day to run smoothly, look amazing and exude that ‘once in a lifetime’ kinda feeling.

We know how important wedding flowers are when it comes to creating that special look for the bride and her bridal party, but also setting a magical mood for the ceremony and venue.


The idea for creating our own style of artificial flower bouquets first came about when we realised that there was a huge demand for beautiful peony flowers. But due to seasonal availability, we knew that we had to follow another avenue in order to make these flowers available to brides all year round. So we got moving on our mission to find the perfect silk bouquet. We kept stumbling across flowers that didn't fit our idea of a great design and color, or the specific quality that we were searching for. 


After months of sampling different silk flower products, we were eventually able to create silk bouquets that we were satisfied with and would look picture perfect in wedding photos. Our flowers are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers and all of our bouquets are carefully handmade with each stem individually reinforced to go the distance.


Although we started out as Peony Perfection, we recently decided to change our name to Pastel Blooms Au to better reflect the variety of flowers that we use. But rest assured that we are still one of the best creators of peony bouquets, and our list of bouquet designs is as long as your floral imagination can go.

At Pastel Blooms we are always expanding and open to new ideas. So if there is a particular bouquet that you dream of but can't find on our website, please send us an enquiry with your inspiration pictures and let us create it as closely as we can.

about us

"The bouquets looked amazing on the day, everybody was complimenting me on how realistic and beautiful they were and best of all, I still get to keep my bouquet as a lovely centrepiece in my home."

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